What Are Some Viral Video Ideas?

YouTube is directly responsible for a lot of the proliferation of viral videos. Once a video becomes well spread it can lead to a great deal of attention for the maker of the video. Take for example the famous “leave Britney alone” video that landed its star on the evening talk shows. Many people thought it was real, but what was real was the ingenious way the video star used his YouTube account to get him some attention.

If you are an Internet marketer, I am sure the gears are turning in your head already. How can this work for my product? If you want to create a viral video that will get you and your product some real attention there are a couple of things you should make sure your video has that will make it more likely to become viral.

The first thing you should think about when you are creating your viral video is the length. Viewers on the Internet have ridiculously short attention spans. If a viral video lasts longer than thirty seconds it is too long. I know what you’re already thinking, what can you say in thirty seconds with your viral video? Don’t worry about promoting your product in the viral video just make sure that it gets the attention first.

Make sure that your video is re-mixable. Pretty sure that’s not even a word but it probably will be soon. People love to play around with videos and you should give everyone the opportunity to do so. It will increase your chances of the video going viral.

Don’t make a commercial. Your intent with your viral video is to get the attention of viewers and have it passed around. If viewers feel that your video is nothing more than a commercial for your product they will be immediately turned off and not send it on to others. You would have to come up with a truly outstanding video to get past the commercialization factor.

Make your video something pretty shocking. It will have to be something that a viewer will just have to look at. The title should be enough to make a viewer immediately need to know what is on that video.

Get some pretty people to be in your video if you find that you can’t come up with anything else. People love to look at pretty people.

This is just the beginning of your viral video campaign. Once you have your video made you will now begin the hard work of getting it out there and viewed. Your goal is to get as many people to look at the video as possible and have those people directed back to your website or blog. There are some techniques that are very similar to article posting that will work for viral videos. Explore all your options for getting your video out to viewers. It is simply not possible for a video to go viral all by itself anymore. There are just way too many of them out there. It would need to be a truly outstanding video clip for that to happen. Use the marketing techniques you have been using all along. Send it out to your email list, discuss it on forums, and give it to bloggers. In short do what you have to do.

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